Thursday, July 21, 2011

Couple of Ideas to Share

I've been working  on my room and I can't wait to share photos of it with you.  Soon I will have it to a point that I feel like it's ready enough to take pictures. 

A couple of things I did want to share with you.   My friend Kristen had a poster in her classroom she made and I was asking her about it.  It's called a "Blurt Chart".  Have you ever heard of that?  I haven't.  If students blurt out they take a happy face off the chart (they are velcroed on).  They have 3 chances throughout the day.  You can take minutes away from recess, etc. for each happy face taken off the chart.
Another idea I wanted to share with you is one I came up with last year when students needed to cut lengths of yarn.  But, this also works for the storage and usage yarn for any project.  I put the yarn in a gallon zipper bag.  I put several pieces of tape one on top of the other in one spot on the bag and then used a hole puncher to punch a hole through the tape and the bag.  I then pulled the string of yarn through the hole.  The yarn is always ready to go and doesn't tangle. 

Hope you found these helpful! - Dana

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