Friday, July 1, 2011

Views From the Past!

The last several years I have used "DOGS" as my theme in my classroom. When I started this theme we had just gotten a new puppy, Lexie. She is now a dog of seven years old. During that time NO ONE had anything for the dog theme and classroom pictures on the web were not being done, so it was up to me to be creative. Over the years more things have come out to help with this theme. I want to share some pictures for those of you who need some ideas to get started. The kids and even the parents loved the theme! (Beware you will get lots of dog stuff for holiday gifts from students.)

The dog house can be made out of the theme bulletin board paper sold at Mardels (a believe it is barn wood) I used a pocket chart for the door and the words "The Pocket 'Spot'", which is the dog's name. The dog is a blow up of clipart from DJ Inkers. I have added details to the dog for holidays, Santa hat, eye mask for Halloween, bandanna theme for around his neck, and even Christmas lights on the dog house. Add trees around the dog house and a rug and it's the perfect meeting spot.

The first picture shows a great place to organize stations or books under the chalk tray. I foundthe idea on the web. My husband put a rain gutter under the board being sure to put the brackets in studs. I then covered the gutter with a dog border, and named it the "Dog Pound". I've added lots of motivational dog posters around my room and a dog shower curtain to cover a open shelf. Paw prints and bones are great for any type of words, kids' names, code words, vocabulary, etc. I added a fire hydrant, dog fabric and borders and "BAM" you have a cute a kid friendly room!

I've moved to a new room for the upcoming year so a new theme is in order!

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