Saturday, September 10, 2011

Community Types

When teaching communities each year we cover Urban, Suburb, and Rural as 3 types of communities.  We have done flip books for students to break down the 3 communities and their characterics, and also dioramas 9"x9" squares.  This year I decided to try something BIGGER.  My husband works in the printing industry and this has definitely come in handy over the years.  The largest paper they print on is 26" wide.  I took 3 of these sheets, which he kindly cut for me on a larger paper cutter into 26" squares. (Large poster boards would work too.)  I broke my students into 3 groups:  Urban, Suburb, and Rural and they had to cover them and design them with the type of buildings and landscape you would find in that type of community.  Then they presented their dioramas to the class.  The kids had a blast!  I heard comments like, "I feel like I really accomplished something!"  "I'm so proud of myself! "  WOW! Definitely a keeper of a project. 

To make a diorama you take a square sheet of paper and fold in half on the diagonal and fold again on the opposite diagonal.  These forms and X fold  from corner to corner.  Cut on one fold from the corner to the middle.  The two triangles on each side of the cut fold on top of each other to form the diorama.  

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