Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grr....Animal Adaptations

This week my class has continued with our study of animals and after learning about animal adaptations we did some fun stations.  I wanted to share these with you, and hope your children have as much fun learning about adaptations as my students did. 

These first two stations are inspired by ones done at my daughter's high school.  One of the stations is made with yellow scrubbing gloves with heavy duty plastic spoons taped on the the fingers.  Students had to pick up small rocks with the gloves. 

The next station students wore safety goggles that have been modified with toilet paper rolls attached, to simulate eyes on the side of animals' heads.  Students had to drop clothespins into a milk bottle.  They posted notes on a chart telling of animals they feel had to deal with this adaptation. 

Another station was for animals that had claws.  Students used 3 different tongs and and small cubes and large cubes to test out which tong works best to pick up which size cubes.  Results, are posted on a chart.

Camouflage was used in an open area with large bulletin board paper on the floor.  I cut butterflies from the same paper and put them all over the paper.  Students took turns trying to find and collect as many butterflies as they could in 15 seconds.  They recorded their results on post its on a chart. 

The last two I did were find in my animal tub I bought from Lakeshore. The first one is using a plain cotton ball and an oil soaked cotton ball dropped in water.  Students compare the results.  Ducks coat their feathers with oil so they will float.  The second one used clothespins, tweezers, spoons, tongue depressors, seeds and plastic worms so they can discover different types of beaks and why. 

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