Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things to Share

I went to a conference for 2nd grade and got some great ideas that I was able to incorporate with my penguins.  But, the possibilities are endless! My students collected all their research and put it in a pocket book. 

Here are 2 examples of the covers of their books. 

Page 1 was a little foldable I found online.  It showed all the places that penguins live. 

Page 2 is the diagram of a penguin, again I found this online.  Page 3 held 3 index cards with penguin facts and drawings. 

Page 4 - 6 were three different penguin types we researched.  Each pocket page has a foldable mini booklet. 

Here's how to fold a pocket book for your students.  I used 11 x 17 paper but the pictures below show 8-1/2 x 11. 

The other thing I'm using almost weekly now.  We all know about the old KWL chart.  This  is the new and improved version. 

Give students a post it and have them write down one fact that they THINK they know. That will go under the K.  As you read a story or go through an unit if some of the posted items are confirmed move the post it to the C.  If any of the post its are misconceptions we move those post its to the M.  New facts can be added at anytime to the L for new things learned.  The W is for things students start to wonder as you go through the unit.  If you want you can write a summary when done excluding the K and M sections. 

Have fun creating new ideas,

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