Monday, July 23, 2012

Easing Back In

Okay, I know I've been a really  bad blogger in 2012.  My dad had a major stroke on February 5th and has been so ill this year.  Sadly, he passed away 2 weeks ago.   I've spent so much time driving back and forth from the Dallas area to Tyler.  My mind just hasn't been as creative.  But, I'm  ready to start back to work.  Last year the blogs have added so much to my classroom and then came Pinterest.  I love all the wonderful ideas.  To ease back into blogging I decided to keep a Diary of my classroom as I prepare.  I LOVE TO DECORATE MY CLASSROOM!  I have a minor degree in art and certification. So this is my fun time of the year.  I walked into my blank,  box filled classroom today and this is how my day went. 

Special note:  If your fire marshall is a pain about the paper covering the whole wall, lower it to 18 inches from the ceiling and 18 inches from the ceiling and you will still have a great effect. 

Have fun creating,

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